Art Nov. 20-22

Water Color Animal Portrait

Ruth W_12.25in H_18.75

Students will begin to understand basic properties of using water-colors as a medium by creating an animal portrait using water-colors as a medium.


Political Science Homework (Due 20 November)

  1. What is currently happening in Zimbabwe right now?
  2. Do some background research on Robert Mugabe. Seek out evidence to support the claim that Mugabe is getting what he deserves.
  3. Educate yourself on the connection between Robert Mugabe and diamond mining in Africa. Make and defend a prediction about how this mineral wealth (the money from the export of diamonds) might be allocated in the future.
  4. Make a prediction on whether the lives of the people of Zimbabwe will improve, get worse, or remain more or less the same because of the changes. Support your claim with any combination of historical precedent, knowledge about human nature, or media analysis you find. (Cite your sources!)

Art Nov. 13-17

Introduction to color

Objective: Introduce to the element of color and variety with a variety project.

Using Audrey flack as reference. Create variety and value using watercolor coloring pencils. Using a mixture of objects found in nature create an image that focuses on variety of texture, size, and shape and form.

Each student will have an original take on the project.


Español del 13 al 17 de noviembre

Lunes 14 presentación del capítulo “La época del estropicio” Recuerden enviarme el examen con anticipación para revisarlo y no restarles puntos. 

Martes 8 presentación del capítulo”El Despertar”

Recuerden que deben entregar informe escrito con los siguientes partes:

Vocabulario 10 palabras

Eventos importantes

Personajes, descripción de personajes nuevos.


Ambientes fisicos y psicológicos

Examen y pauta

miércoles capítulo “La Conspiración”

jueves capítulo “El terror”

viernes haremos una recopilcación de lo leído.

Ms. Jazmín Avilez


World Literature / AP Literature

World Literature

This week will continue to read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. We will review for the exam (chapters 5-7) on Tuesday, November 7th. Students will be reading chapters 8 & 9 for homework this week. We will also discuss the issue of plagiarism, which is something that needs to be addressed. This week we will also have our spelling bee in preparation for the ABSH local and national competitions.

Important Dates:

11/7 – EXAM: Chapters 5-7, Homework: Read Chapter 8

11/8 – Spelling Bee (tentative)

11/10 – Homework: Read Chapter 9

AP Literature and Composition 

This week will continue to examine the theme of tragedy through our reading of Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller. We will review the essays from last week. We will then begin Unit 4 of the AP Curriculum: Introduction to Poetry. This week we will also have our spelling bee in preparation for the ABSH local and national competitions.

Important Dates:

11/6 – Homework: Character and Plot Analysis

11/8 – Spelling Bee (tentative)

11/9 – Homework: Poem selection and initial analysis

Art Nov. 6-10

AP Studio Art

Students are all working on different projects that will complete the Breadth part of their portfolio. They are experimenting with media such as but not limited to: acrylic paint, chalk pastels, water-colors, coloring pencils, Gesso. Each project has different alignments and objectives that are tailored to each students needs.

Political Science – Nov 6 to Nov 10

Students will have a take-home assessment this week to wrap up our unit on political communication. The assignment will have several options and will be posted to the blog shortly.


Notebook checks this week! Bring notebooks every day of course, but notebooks will be checked at the end of the week (Thursday and Friday).

Friday is midterm and grades will be submitted for release early the following week.