Art May 21-25

AP Studio Art

Students will continue working on their individual projects. Texture and Unity must be evident in these projects.

Español del 21 al 25 de mayo

Lunes 21: terminaremos con las presentaciones de La Literatura hondureña.

martes 22: trabajarán en la guía de estudio de La literatura hondureña.

miércoles 23 y jueves 24: Miraremos la película “Morazán”

viernes 25: entrega de la guía de estudio de la literatura hondureña.


Profa. Jazmín Avilez

Español del 14 al 18 de mayo

Lunes 14: Post Romanticismo y Modernismo.

martes 15: Post modernismo y Pre -vanguardia.

miércoles 16:  La Vanguardia y El Realismo Social.

jueves 17: La Huelga del 54 y La nueva literatura.

viernes 18: Termimaremos de leer “El cuento de la guerra” para analizar la obra.


Profesora Jazmín Avilez


Philosophy – Unit notes for assessment on May 11.

Here are my condensed notes from the final part of the unit on Death. We will review on Wednesday and have our assessment on Thursday (3rd period class only).

Classes will be watching “Harold and Maude” on Thursday/Friday (5th period class) and on Friday/Monday (3rd period class). 5th period will have an essay assessment attached to this activity while 3rd period will be given a chance to earn extra credit.

Study notes for Death, Part Three

Philosophy (May 7 to May 11)

We will be finishing our Death Unit on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we will have a unit review and that will be followed by an ASSESSMENT ON THURSDAY, MAY 10.

The philosophy students will be seeing the 1971 film Harold and Maude in class at the end of this week. The film , selected for preservation by the Library of Congress, is meant to support the work that the students have done in our unit about death (was it actually a unit about living?).

The film is rated PG by the MPAA. There is no bad language and no nudity. The film deals with issues surrounding death and would not be appropriate for small children, but there is nothing at all that should pose the slightest amount of concern for young adults.

Español del 7 al 11 de mayo


Lunes seguiremos con la unidad de la Literatura hondureña y sus movimientos literarios. Para estudiar este tema trabajarán en parejas para presentar a partir del miércoles 9 de mayo. En clase se darán más detalles.

Jueves 10: presentaciones de la Literatura hondureña.

Viernes 11: Seguiremos con la lectura de “El cuento de la guerra”


Profa. Jazmín Avilez

Español del 2 al 4 de mayo

Miércoles 2 empezaremos a estudiar literatura hondureña. Analizaremos textos.

jueves 3: se les asignará los temas para las exposiciones de la unidad de La literatura hondureña. Estas serán en parejas.

viernes 4: Seguiremos con la lectura del “Cuento de la guerra” de Eduardo Bahr.


Profa. Jazmín Avilez

Art April 23-28

AP Studio Art

Students will continue to work on their individual projects,11th grade will continue to work on their Breadth Projects, and 12th grade will continue to work on their Concentration. Here are samples of the work in progress.