Political Science Homework (Due Monday, August 14)

See attached essay prompt.Exit Essay – The Proper Role of Government


Grading Policy – Mr. Stewart (Poli. Sci.)

Grading Policy – Mr. Stewart

Department of Social Studies, Upper School – Discovery School

Each students grade will be determined based on the following formula:

Assessments (30%)

This includes tests, quizzes, and in-class presentations that are intended to demonstrate mastery of the curriculum.

Homework (15%)

Homework will be graded according to the rubric posted on the teacher’s blog. Unexcused late homework will be subject to a points deduction.

Classwork/Engagement (25%)

This part of the grade encompasses all in-class written work, participation in class discussion, and making meaningful contributions in pair- and group-work. The grade will also include periodic assessments of the student’s notebook (see teacher’s blog for notebook standards).

Contributions to class discussion will be evaluated both in terms of consistency (students are expected to make meaningful contributions to class every day) and in terms of quality (see rubric on the teacher’s blog).

Persistent and/or egregious deviation from in-class expectations for appropriate student behavior will lead to a deduction from this part of the student’s grade.

Term Projects/Extended Work (30%)

Students are expected to complete longer-term projects that will require substantial research and revision. Students will be notified when a piece of work falls under this category and task-specific rubrics will be distributed with the assignment.



Please Note – Students are expected to turn in original work that includes proper citations when necessary. Work that is copied or plagiarized will receive a score of zero and no makeup opportunity will be given.

Mr. Stewart Introduction (Social Studies Grades 9-12)

Good Day,

My name is Ian Stewart, and I am the newest member of the faculty at Discovery School. I will be teaching social studies for grades 9 through 12.

For the past thirteen years I have been teaching economics, government, and history (both global and US) at a public high school in New York City. While I enjoyed my time at Bronx Health Sciences High School very much, I was ready to explore new challenges and to embark on an adventure.

Prior to my time teaching in the public schools, I worked in the private sector for a test-preparation company by the name of The Princeton Review. While my primary responsibilities focused on test preparation for graduating college students (LSAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT), I have extensive experience in helping students prepare for the SAT.

My sister is a Discovery School parent, and I have visited Honduras on two occasions in the past. I am delighted to be joining the Discovery School family and look forward to getting to know you all better as we move through this coming school year together.



Ian M. Stewart

Social Studies – Discovery School

Political Science Nov 14-18

Since you have been gone, we will spend Monday and Tuesday discussing the U.S. presidential election outcomes, the electoral college, and a variety of political commentary. On Wednesday, we will continue with our unit on the policies of the state by completing a interest-based group project on the different aspects of development and administration in the modern state.

Political Science Nov 7-11

We will finish up the organization and execution of the mock election on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will discuss the real results of the election and read political commentary, as well as watch a variety of perspectives from the news and talk shows. On Thursday and Friday we will continue the previous unit on the policies of the modern state.

Political Science Oct 31-Nov 4

We will continue studying Chapter 4, “The Policies of the State.” Each day we will be focusing on various countries and their policies towards subsidies, regulations, and development and administration. You will be researching and presenting information in Jigsaw format on Thursday and Friday.

Political Science October 24-28

We will have your debate on the European Union on Monday in the conference room. On Tuesday we will begin the next chapter, “Policies of the State” and understand the various roles of government, focusing on the transfer of resources, subsidies, regulation, and development/administration. We will research a variety of countries this week, which will prepare you for an individual research project next week. I will be giving you the research topic this week so you can start brainstorming the idea for your paper and project.