Philosophy May 15-19

To  continue our existential journey, you will watching a short documentary entitled Talking Heads and a small group of you will work on a video compilation for this project. You should also complete 20 of the “50 Questions to Free Your Mind” by next Wednesday, May 24th. If you have time this week, you will also explore the infamous street artist, Banksy, in connection with Jean-Paul Sartre’s concept of authenticity. You have plenty to this week so please use your time wisely. If you would like to work on the “Be the Change” project in your spare time or during lunch, feel free to help out the 9th/10th grade class.


Philosophy April 24-28

We will begin our unit on Existentialism this week. We have already covered Nietzsche a bit, and we will see more of him later this week. The Father of Existentialism, Soren Kierkegaard, will be discussed for Monday, Jean-Paul Sartre on Tuesday, and we will evaluate Existentialist texts from American history for the rest of the week. You will read “Two Roads Diverged” by Robert Frost as well as excerpts from Sylvia Plath and JD Salinger.

Philosophy April 18-21

We will review the major points of Georg Hegel on Tuesday via Speed Dating and review the course thus far using a philosophy worthy Buzzfeed activity. To conclude the week we will study the philosophers: Arthur Schopenhauer and Frederick Nietzsche. Make sure to constantly be working and reflecting in your philosophy journals.

Philosophy April 3-7

We will discuss the idea and perception of reality this week using the ideas of Immanuel Kant, Georg Hegel, and Arthur Schopenhauer. This concept has been discussed throughout the course, and we will take a closer look through a more modern lens. We will discuss the media’s role in how we perceive reality, using the case of Amanda Knox as one example.

Philosophy March 27-31

The test for Tuesday on Enlightenment Philosophers has been moved to THURSDAY, MARCH 30. There are some key philosophers I want to spend more time with, such as Voltaire and Locke, and do not want to rush. Your research papers will also be edited and final drafts will be due the same day as the test.

Philosophy March 20-24

We will finish our Enlightenment unit this week. On Monday and Tuesday you will teach each other about the philosopher you were required to research last week. On Wednesday you will have a quiz on all of these philosophers. Thursday and Friday you will write a short research paper on this philosopher, complete with in-text citations, works cited page, and revised writing. Those that are in MUN will not be required to do this writing, however your position papers will be hte replacement grade for this assignment.

Philosophy March 13-16

On Monday we will review and discuss Niccolo Machiavelli and the relevance he has in the world today. On Tuesday we will move on to another political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes and then on Wednesday we will learn about the contributions of Francis Bacon. We will finish the week with Rene Descartes, which is considered the Father of Modern Philosophy.

Philosophy March 6-10

On Monday we will discuss the philosophers of the past and their views of fitness and movement. It may be surprising that some of the most renowned philsophers had a lot to say about making sure we exercise our bodies as much as our minds. On Tuesday we are going to do just that by having some fun with Zumba. Wednesday and Thursday we will start a unit on political theorists by reading and discussing Machiavelli’s The Prince. 

Philosophy Feb 27- March 3

We will finish up Eastern philosophy on Monday and move on to medieval philosophy which can also be called theology since these philosophers were known as the “Church Fathers.” This was a period very influenced by Christianity and philosophical thought was dominated by religion beliefs. This will then be compared to other philosophers’ contributions to the ideas of religion and faith.

Philosophy Feb 21-24

On Tuesday and Wednesday we will have student presentations on Eastern philosophers. You should take notes because on Friday you will have a test on this information. We will review on Thursday and the test will be student-created. I will email you the links to the students’ presentations so that you can study.