APUSH May 3-6

This is our final week before the AP Exam on Friday, May 6th. In order to prepare for the exam, we will be completing a timed practice test throughout the week. You will be allowed to use your devices during the practice exam, and this exam will be for a grade, but I highly encourage those of you that are taking the AP exam on Friday to not use your devices (or limit the usage). On Tuesday we will complete the multiple choice, on Wednesday we will complete the short answer, and on Thursday we will complete the DBQ and/or the long answer. You will be able to choose for Thursday.

Next week we will start the American film festival as promised, but you will first need to get the film permission slips signed by your parents. These will be given out on Wednesday of this week and should be turned in by Friday.


APUSH April 25-29

On Monday, we will finish our WWII unit by discussing women, war, and propaganda, as well as the benefits and problems of women in the work force during the 1940’s. You will participate in a group activity to examine other groups struggling for justice such as Braceros, Native Americans, and the Japanese internment camps.

On Tuesday, we begin our AP test crunch. Each day you will be given two chapters and you will be adding to a shared Google Doc for the key concepts and terms from each chapter. This document will be used to study for the AP test.

Tuesday- Chapter 17 and 18

Wednesday- Chapter 19 and 20

Thursday- Chapter 22

Friday- Chapter 23

If you are taking the AP exam, you need to complete chapters 24 and 25 for homework over the weekend.

APUSH April 18-22

Since we have a small class this week, we are going to take the time to complete a practice AP exam in pairs. Even though we have not covered all the material, you will be working with a partner and competing against the next group to review the content from this class. We will be covering 55 multiple choice questions as well as the short answer section. Those of you that are taking the AP exam, I will be sending you the link to this test so that you can print it out for a study guide. Don’t forget your test in Friday, May 6th.


Jose and Daniel

Liam and Pamela

APUSH April 11-15

This week we will finish up the New Deal reforms of Roosevelt’s presidency by looking at primary sources on Monday and reviewing key terms and information. On Tuesday, you will have a quiz on the information from the chapter review. We will also begin our unit on World War II on Tuesday after the quiz. On Wednesday, you are going to watch a very interesting documentary about the Nazi’s secret power during the war. On Thursday, you will be completing a group google presentation on the key terms from chapters 15 and 16 on the war and its effects on the United States.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X should be completed by Monday, May 16th along with a project that I will be announcing next week.

APUSH April 4-8

On Monday and Tuesday, we will be in the Information Center and you will be creating a Pecha Kucha on the Great Depression, Election of 1932, and the New Deal. The key concept that should be portrayed in your presentation is: During the 1930s, policymakers responded to the mass unemployment and social upheavals of the Great Depression by transforming the U.S. into a limited welfare state, redefining the goals and ideas of modern American liberalism.Your presentation should represent the information from the textbook on pages 448-478.

On Wednesday, you will present the Pecha Kuchas and start analyzing the documents for this week’s DBQ essay on FDR and the New Deal: AP DBQ

March 29-April 1

This week we will focus on the cultural and social developments of the early 1900s. On Tuesday, we will review the WWI era and its impact on the United States. On Wednesday, we will discuss migration patterns in the US throughout the history that we have studied thus far, and then focusing on the Great Migration and its contribution to birth of the Harlem Renaissance. At the end of the week, we will understand the impact of the technologies of the time, but then the events that caused the Great Depression.

APUSH March 14-18

This week we are focusing on the “Great War” now more commonly known as World War I; the watershed event of the 20th century and the war to set the stage for all future conflicts.

On Monday, you will complete an ABC chart while we watch a documentary. The documentary we will watch is only one part of a series. I want you to watch an episode of the documentary series each night and complete the chart. Here is the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRtdSoeYQYk&list=PLADAFF74360A3365B

On Tuesday-Thursday, you should complete this WWI webquest: WWI Web Quest. It is due on Friday, March 18th. If there is no internet for the web quest, you should read Chapter 11 and complete each of the section reviews.

APUSH March 7-11

We will continue looking at the chapter, US Becoming a Super Power, but analyzing the time period using primary source documents. Each day you will be given a document that you should annotate in class and finish for homework. We will be using a new model of discussion called the Harkness Method. Towards the end of the week we will start the Progressive Era of the early 1900’s.

APUSH Feb 29-March 4

This week we are continuing to study the cultural and social transformations during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Last week we looked at how recreation and entertainment had changed and this week we will focus on Jim Crow segregation and the plight of women during this time period. On Wednesday, we will analyze these topics using primary sources from the textbook. On Thursday and Friday, you will be completing a lesson on the United States becoming a world power. You will be creating a Google Slide presentation entitled “Becoming a World Power” and you will address the key terms and key concepts of Chapter 9. Your Google Slide presentation should be a minimum of 30 slides and each slide should have information (in your own words) and an image. Be creative and focus on the ideas of each chapter.

APUSH Feb 22-26

On Monday you will organize your DBQ and read sample essays. On Tuesday, you will write your essay in class and it will be timed. The rest of the week will be dedicated to completing practice AP multiple choice and short answer questions.

Here is the link for the DBQ so you can look at the sample papers: DBQ Gilded Age

Here is the link for the DBQ rubric: DBQ Rubric