AP Human Geography May 15-19, 2017

AP exam prep is over!!! Now to relax with a cultural analysis of South Asia. Those who still have a global issues project to complete should be working on it using the schedule that was provided.


AP Human Geography May 8-12, 2017

AP Testers: complete the Grand Review before you take this practice test on Socrative Student in the ADALIA room. Be sure to use use the review materials here during the remainder of the week to prepare for the exam.

Non-Testers: Your completed project is due by noon this Friday, May 12th.  Please see the video tutorial below.

AP Human Geography April 24-28, 2017

Mock AP Exam is this FRIDAY, April 28th from 12:30-3:00. This will count as your “project” grade for the quarter if you are taking the AP exam. Students not taking the AP exam are expected to complete an individual research project.

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Monday: Housing segregation and squatter settlements

Tuesday: Urban sprawl and gentrification

Wednesday:  Unit 7 Vocabulary Test

Thursday: Unit 7 MCQ & FRQ

Friday: No class. Mock exam after school.

AP Human Geography Mar 27-31, 2017

Just 46 days until the AP exam. Looking for a great review tool? Look no more. iScore5 APHG is an app developed by several Human Geography gurus. You can practice FRQs and tons of multiple choice questions all from your mobile device for the low, low price of $4.99 usd.

Monday: Unit 6: Industry & Development Test, Sustainable Development Goals FRQ due

Tuesday: Unit 7: Cities and Urban Land Use
Why/how cities develop (read p. 194-198 Wood)

Wednesday: How transportation shapes cities (read p. 199-203 Wood)

Thursday: Megacities (read p.204-208 Wood)

Friday: No class (read p. 209-213 Wood)

AP Human Geography Feb 21-24, 2016

Don´t forget to finish your vocabulary map which counts as a test grade and will replace the usual vocabulary test.

Tuesday: America Revealed: Food Machine video

Wednesday: Food Fair research due on Engrade. Article analysis/discussion in class.

Thursday: Food Fair in the downstairs conference room. Be sure to bring napkins, plates, etc. The first part of the fair will involve you explaining about your presentation and answering any questions visitors might have.