Art Feb. 12-16

AP Breadth  Portfolio

Due dates for student projects:

Laura Salazar : Monday February 19 ( Unity Project, Quote)

Moe Goto : Monday February 19  ( Unity Project, Phobia)

Santiago Zelaya: Friday February 16 ( Unity Project, Phobia)

Jose Manuel Ruiz: Monday February 19 ( Texture Project, Animal Portrait)

Aisleen Turner: Monday February 19 ( Unity Project, Phobia)


Art Feb. 5-9

Breadth Section of the Portfolio

Students are working on individual projects:

Santiago, Moe and Aisleen are working on their Phobia Project.

Jose Manuel is working on his Water-color Animal Portrait.

Laura will be working with oil paintings as a medium.

Recent AP students’ work


Art Jan.22-26


Students have been working very hard on individual projects. It is wrong to overgeneralize what students have been working on, due to the fact that each artist has his/her own individual style and voice. Students have achieved to apply different elements and principles of art as well as different mediums.

Examples of students work for the breadth part of the portfolio

Laura Salazar 

Moe Goto

Santiago Zelaya

Art Dec. 12-15

Breadth Section

Students are working on individual projects. The projects that must be presented for grading this week are:

Jose Manuel Ruiz, Santiago Zelaya, and Aisleen Turner :Color Project

Create variety using coloring pencils.

Laura Salazar, and Moe Goto : Water- color Project

Create texture using a portrait of your pet, and water- colors as a medium.


Art Nov. 13-17

Introduction to color

Objective: Introduce to the element of color and variety with a variety project.

Using Audrey flack as reference. Create variety and value using watercolor coloring pencils. Using a mixture of objects found in nature create an image that focuses on variety of texture, size, and shape and form.

Each student will have an original take on the project.