November 20th-23rd: World Literature and AP Literature and Composition

World Literature

This week will continue to read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. We will review the exam from last week. Students will be reading chapters 10 & 11 for homework this week. We will also be discussing major themes in the book and spend time analyzing the text.

Important Dates:

11/20 – Homework: Read Chapter 10

11/21 – Homework: Read Chapter 11


AP Literature and Composition 

This week we will continue with Unit 4 of the AP Curriculum: Introduction to Poetry. Last week we looked at poetry reading techniques and began reading poetry. This week we will continue to look at and dissect poetry from the Renaissance. On Wednesday, we will review presentation techniques.

Important Dates:

11/6 – Homework: Poem Analysis


AP Language May 15-19

While I am out, you will be completing the lesson plan project we discussed in class. You have been emailed the requirements of the project, however just a reminder: 1) Choose a topic that is of interest to you 2) Find at least two texts and/or medias to supplement the topic 3) Have a plan for the lesson including an introductory lecture and/or activity, discussion, and assessment. 4) Make sure all plans have been shared with me.

If you would like to work on the “Be the Change” project in your spare time you absolutely may. Please manage your time wisely.

AP Language April 24-28

I am looking very forward to your rhetorical devices raps/poems/songs on Monday. We will start review for rhetorical analysis on Monday or Tuesday and focus on it for the rest of the week. You will have timed essays on Thursday and Friday of this week and you will choose which essay to get graded.

AP Language April 18-21

By Wednesday you will have your final AP review packets for the course. We will begin our review for the final exam which will take place in early May. Make sure to bring this packet with you every day to class. We will start from the beginning with rhetorical devices and analysis, then multiple choice, and finish up with synthesis one last time.

AP English March 27-31

We will continue with Synthesis this week. On Monday, the students that completed essays last week will partner with a MUN student and have their writing editing using the scoring guide for AP exams. On Tuesday, MUN students will do a timed synthesis essay in class. Wednesday and Thursday we will take a closer look at what is synthesis and what is not. Next week we will begin a month of review for the AP Test. Get ready, folks!

AP English March 20-24

We will finish up our synthesis unit this week by dissecting prompts and sources for the first half of the week. On Thursday you will have a timed synthesis essay which must be hand written and turned in by the end of class. On Friday, you should trade papers and evaluate each other’s writings.

AP English March 13-16

We will finish our synthesis lessons by Wednesday and on Thursday we will start evaluating AP synthesis prompts. Next week we will be practicing timed essays for synthesis prompts and you will evaluate each other using the AP scoring guide. We will also look at sample papers from AP tests in the past so you have many examples to use as guides for the future and for your own writing.

AP Language March 6-10

We are continuing our daily lessons on synthesis. Each day you are responsible for writing a summary of the three articles sent to you by the “Teacher of the Day” and you should have a complete introduction with a clear thesis. I am evaluating you on your pre-discussion, prompt, preparation, and the feedback you provide students on their writing.

The presentations for this week are as follows:

Tuesday- Maria Alejandra

Thursday- Efrain

Art Feb 27 to March



Follow precise, multi-step directions.

Have the opportunity to go beyond the immediate lesson and apply artistic creativity, or learn more about M. C. Escher, his art, or the contributions he made to mathematics.

Be able to understand and define the following terms: tessellation, polygon, angle, plane, vertex, and adjacent.

Create a concrete model of a tessellation.

AP Language Feb 27- March 3

On Monday, we will have a final discussion of the novels that were read A Thousand Splendid Suns and I Am Malala. Students will get the option to read the other novel if they choose. We will begin our unit on synthesis by revisiting the essays from the Sports and Fitness unit. Throughout this week, students will deconstruct synthesis prompts and they will have their own synthesis projects to complete by next week. Details will be given on this project in class.