Political Science – Sept 4-8

Attached to this message you will find a nice summary of the court system in the United States.

MIDTERMS THIS FRIDAY – The test will be a comprehensive exam covering the three major themes we’ve covered so far this school year

  1. The function of government and the appropriate balance between government power and personal freedom. This will include some examination of *how* power is controlled by the system of checks and balances and by the inclusion of protections of individual rights in the constitution of the United States, Honduras, and many other nations around the world.
  2. The election process in the United States. We will be focusing on the different functions of primary elections versus the general election. Students will be required to have a command of how the electoral college works and what influence “winner take all” states (Red States, Blue States) have on how a presidential candidate allocates resources (what 2-3 states are key to winning the 2020 presidential election).
  3. The structure of the court system. The different kinds of courts, juries, and burdens of proof. What an appellate court does and the difference between the useless concept of “fairness” and the useful concept of “constitutional”.
  4. .(22) Summary of the functions of the different courts

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