Art Oct 31st- Nov 4

Interior space/ Value/ Gesso (Draw detailed interior or exterior space. Consider point of view. )

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Physical Education October 31-November 4, 2016

October 31- November 4, 2016



During this week, the students will continue working in the basic concepts of soccer and they will develop the following fundamental skills: shooting, passing, receiving, and goalkeeping. Students will put this knowledge to test in games. During the week, the students will have a fitness test.


I would like to remind you that all students need to be dressed appropriately for the days that they have P.E. class. Students should refrain from using the following:

–  Dresses for the girls

–  Jeans (shorts or pants)

–  Crocks

–  Sandals

–  Boots


In order to participate in class activities and receive full credit for the class, students need to wear appropriate clothing for P.E. class.



We will use the word RESPECT to set the main goals for the year.

Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

Safety – The number one priority each and every day!

Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!


Have fun!

Candy, food, and/or gum – out of sight, out of mind!

Positive attitude!

Remain in supervised areas all the time!

Español del 31 de octubre al 4 de noviembre

Lunes 31 terminaremos con las presentaciones del origen del idioma español. Después de las presentaciones trabajarán en la guía de estudio la cual será presentada el martes 1 de noviembre.

Martes 1 entrega de la guía de estudio del origen del idioma español, esta tiene el valor de un examen. Deberá ser entregada a primera hora. Comentaremos la guía en clase.

Miércoles y jueves estaremos estudiando  “El español hablado en Honduras”

viernes 4 dedicaremos tiempo para avanzar en los libros. En clase se les asignará el trabajo y los capítulos para analizar y los grupos de trabajo.


Profesora Jazmín Avilez


Political Science Oct 31-Nov 4

We will continue studying Chapter 4, “The Policies of the State.” Each day we will be focusing on various countries and their policies towards subsidies, regulations, and development and administration. You will be researching and presenting information in Jigsaw format on Thursday and Friday.

AP Language Oct 31-Nov 4

We will continue working with multiple choice this week, as well as perfecting your speeches for the contest. The final speeches are due on Friday, November 4th. Each day this week you will be given a multiple choice passage which will be timed. You are responsible for practicing Varsity Tutor every single night for homework, as well as making the corrections for your multiple choice selections.

Math 3 Week of Oct. 31- Nov. 4, 2016





Mon. 10/31/16


2-7 Systems of Inequalities 2-7 PWSK


2-7 VWS


IXL: Pre-Calculus J.1, J.2

Tues. 11/1/16


Wed. 11/2/16


2-8 Systems with Three Variables 2-8 PWSK


2-8 VWS


IXL: Pre-Calculus I.8, I.9

Thurs. 13/3/16


Fri. 13/4/16

2-9 Solving Systems with Matrices 2-9 PWSK


2-9 VWS


IXL: None


Chemistry Week of Oct. 31 – Nov. 4, 2016

Mon. 10/31/16




Reconstructing Atomic Theory: Flame Testing and Spectroscopy Reconstructing Atomic Theory Lab Packet:

p S-19 to S-23 Data, observations and  #1-6







Tues. 11/1/16


Wed. 11/2/16



5.2 Quantum Theory & The Atom CW: Electron Distribution WS


HW: Reading Check (5), p 155 #15-20, 5.2 Study Guide WS


Thurs. 11/3/16


Problem Solving Lab: Interpret Scientific Illustrations   CW: p 150 #1-4


5.3 Electron Configuration CW: Foldable, use index cards to write electron configurations and construct orbital notation and electron dot diagrams of elements


HW: Fig 18 CQ p 156, Fig 19 CQ p 158 Reading  Check (2),


DBQ: Sodium Vapor




DESARROLLO SOCIO-ECONÓMICO (24- 28 de octubre de 2016)

Esta nueva semana nos concentraremos en el estudio de las necesidades básicas de la población.


Revisar el blog de tu grado a diario y así ver cual es el contenido, tareas y/o proyectos, y fechas de tus pruebas y/o de tus clases.

Revisar tus calificaciones en: por lo menos tres veces a la semana, para estar informado de los avances académicos que estén logrando.